People Photography

Do you need professional photos of yourself and your employees for your website, brochures, LinkedIn headshots or proposal documents?

First impressions matter. To be recognized as a professional (individual or organization), you first need to look like one. This doesn’t mean that everyone must be ‘suited and booted’for professional headshots and group photos, but aspects like clothing and the location (or backdrop) should reflect the work your organization does and the environment you and your colleagues normally reside in.

Professional headshots make you look confident (even if you don’t feel it!) and in turn give potential customers greater confidence in your ability to meet their needs. A professional photo or headshot can convey important messages without words – to demonstrate that you are approachable and even trustworthy.

Be warned – cracking a smile and making eye contact with the camera is usually required!

Rayoo Photography provides corporate photography options to suit differing customer needs:

Professional headshots – black and white, color or both.
Full-length photographs – natural or posed.
Lifestyle photographs – seated at your desk, operating a machine, in the driving seat of a vehicle, a chef in a kitchen – wherever your work environment happens to be.
Team photographs – inside your premises, exterior photos with your company branding incorporated, or professional photos at an appropriate/recognizable location of your choice.
All or just some of the above, as required!

Some clients simply want professional staff headshots, others require lots of different types of photos to address different uses or two more photos of key individuals.

We also offer a full range or retouching services.

Thinking of something else? we are happy to hear your ideas. whatever your people photography needs, or professionally trained and skilled team will capture your people in their best light.